SD Labs Hospital Grade Continuous Surface Disinfectant Approved by ANVISA in Brasil for 6 Month’s of Efficacy

SD Labs is pleased to announce the approval of SD Pro Hospitalar surface treatment by ANVISA (Brasil’s National Health Surveillance Agency) as a continuously self-disinfecting surface treatment. SD Pro Hospitalar is specifically approved for use in hospital and healthcare facilities throughout the country to kill germs and inactivate viruses (including SARS CoV-2) for up to 6 months per application. This unique formulation is designed to stay bound to high contact patient surfaces without easily washing off and creates a safer environment for patients and healthcare workers by proactively and continuously killing important microorganisms found in healthcare facilities.

The registration data from the official Brasilian government record (Diario Oficial Da Uniao – Secao 1 ISSN 1677-7042 No. 183 segunda-feira 27 de setembro de 2021) is as follows:

SD Pro Hospitalar works by physically piercing or disrupting the target microorganisms to quickly kill them without the use of toxic chemicals. SD Hospitalar can kill 99.9% or more microorganisms in 10 minutes or less versus hours for copper, titanium dioxide, and metal-based disinfectants. By rapidly killing MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E.-coli, Candida albicans, Salmonella cholerasuis, and other important microorganisms as they come in contact with the product’s coating, the risk to facility occupants is minimized, the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting can be reduced, and the money spent on expensive disinfectants can be redirected to more relevant patient care initiatives.

Chemical and UV disinfectant solutions only kill germs while the chemicals are wet, or the UV source is turned on. SD Pro Hospitalar works around the clock for months to kill germs after only one application. Surfaces can be maintained with soap and water or a mild detergent, further reducing the need for toxic chemicals, costly labor resources, and more frequent disinfecting to meet the needs of today’s demanding medical environments in Brasil. SD Pro Hospitalar is ready to use and is applied directly to high contact surfaces including patient tray tables, bed rails, mattresses, beds, electronic equipment, remotes, rest rooms, furnishings, HVAC diffusers and equipment, light switches, door handles, and virtually any other surface in a hospital. SD Pro Hospitalar can be applied to make all surfaces in a typical hospital room antimicrobial (where approved) in less than 5 minutes using the company’s customized equipment.

SD Pro Hospitalar is only available through Global Shield Solutions Brasil Importacao E Comercio LTDA and is not available for sale in, or export to, the USA. Please visit to learn how to purchase this product or have it professionally applied by our experts to your healthcare facility in Brasil.

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